January 25, 2005

The Sport of Investment Brokers

Posted in General at 10:23 pm by Ian

At lunch today, we were talking about how expensive it was to play golf, and somebody mentioned thousand dollar clubs. Mike was incredulous.

“They don’t cost that much.”
“The expensive ones do.”
“Not for just one club!”
“I bet they do.”
“You’re talking, like, an ordinary club sold in stores, not some personally autographed, eBay-aggrandized solid-gold club.”
“One Thousand Dollars?”
“Or more.”
“You’re on!”

I give you the DR4E driver, with a 20 carat industrial diamond inlay on the striking surface. Original retail price, $1000.



  1. Mama said,

    I wonder what titanium ones run?

  2. Adam said,

    The only problem is that it is a) currently unavailable, and b) actually selling for $799 (looks like a permenant discount from the list price). That is however an obscene amount for a golf club.

  3. Ian said,

    It was determined that it counted for the purposes of the bet. There was a golf club with a retail price of $1000 or more.

    And of course it’s unavailable. How could you turn down a $1000 club for just $799. That’s like saving two hundred whole dollars!

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