January 30, 2005

1 + 1 – 2 DVD Players

Posted in General at 7:48 pm by Ian

(This was originally written a few months ago, and I just found it again when I imported all those entries. I find it necessary to post now because I wrote something else that referenced it.)

I was a little worried about whether I’d actually get my projector after the luck I had with getting the “free” DVD player that was supposed to come with it. After I ordered the projector, I got an email with tracking information for two packages. The next day, I got another email from the place I bought it. Turns out that they’d actually shipped two DVD players, but no projector. Sorry for the delay, but the projector will be there one day later. And a new FedEx shipping number comes. They said that they’d try to recall one of the DVD players, but if both showed up, to refuse shipment on one.

So, come Wednesday, I tell my landlords that if two packages come, to only take one. When I get home, I hear from my landlords that the FedEx guy came with two packages and left both. He then came back and took both of them!

So now, another tracking number, and another supposed DVD player on the way.


Yeah. I got it.


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