February 8, 2005

Not That I’m Complaining

Posted in General at 9:09 am by Ian

I challenge my readership to find a magazine cover picture of Gwen Stefani wearing an actual buttoned up shirt.

I do not believe this can be done.



  1. JT said,

    I accept your challenge, mostly because it’s fun to look at pictures of Gewn Stefani.

    But the closest I could find was a zipper and something buttoned up, but not a shirt.

  2. Ian said,

    Both your links be broken.

    Challenge unmet!

  3. JT said,

    They work for me…perhaps it is you who is broken…

  4. Ian said,

    Clearly we need an impartial observer to step in and say that I’m right.

  5. Ian said,

    Hey. They do work now. But they were broken a bit ago. Also, challenge met.

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