February 10, 2005

I’ll Say It Again

Posted in General at 10:40 pm by Ian

Democracy doesn’t work.



  1. JT said,

    You know, it’s kinda sad to see a bill like this dropped, becasue it would’ve been hilarious to see it pass, and then the cops actually try to enforce it.

  2. Mama said,

    The trifles that preoccupy this country’s governing members ( and their constituents) is amazing.

  3. Evan Doty said,

    I think the thing that most struck me was the name Elvyn. Is that a dude or a chick?

  4. Ian said,

    That’s a good question. And it obviously wasn’t mentioned anywhere in the original writeup either, because many of the stories on Google that rehash the original report refer to him/her/it as “student Elvyn Shaw.”

  5. Evan Doty said,

    Maybe it’s a democratic name. Equally representative of both sexes. Eh?

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