February 14, 2005

In Which Ian Kicks Serious Ass At Carcassonne

Posted in General at 3:05 pm by Ian

We sometimes play over lunch at work. Today was such a day. I won the four person game with over 100 points.

How, you may ask? I got a city worth 56 points! It was on 16 tiles, with a Cathedral and 4 bonus thingies.

:: pumps fist in the air ::



  1. Mama said,

    Got noooo idea what game this is. Glad you won though. Love ya, Mama

  2. Bob Carcer said,

    Well Done!!

    You actually scored 60 points!
    A pendant also counts triple in a Catherdal city.



  3. Ian said,

    Thanks for the correction on the rules, Bob. I do believe we’ve been playing it incorrectly all this time.

    And I am so going to rub that in their faces.

    “Hey guys, you know that Carcassonne game we played like 10 months ago where I won. Well I won even more than you thought. Now go get me a beer.”

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