February 21, 2005

Google Asks:

Posted in General at 9:00 pm by Ian

Did you mean: AZ;'[ ?

Nope. Thanks for asking.

But next time I want to search for that, I’ll make sure to spill my martini onto my keyboard again.


  1. JT said,

    I’m just impressed in the results difference…5 to 167 million…

  2. Ian said,

    That would be because Google ignores non-alphanumeric characters. It’s really just searching for AZ, which as the postal code for Arizona shows up on a few sites.

  3. Dan said,


  4. Matt said,

    I’m not sure what I’m more impressed with: the fact that it actually returned 4 matches, or the fact that it returned 1-4 of about 5 matches. I’d think that the exact answer could have been passed to Google’s estimator in this case.

  5. Mama said,

    Keyboard while drinking…go to jail. It’s the law.
    Oh, no. That was play the accordion…go to jail. It’s the law. That’s different. Nevermind. Mama

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