February 21, 2005

Just 27 More Years Till I Can Join

Posted in General at 8:09 pm by Ian

Here’s an ad that’s been running on some ultra right-wing websites claiming that the purpose of the AARP is ultimately to force soldiers to kiss each other. Or something.

I have not the words.


  1. Liza said,

    Enough with the links! Write about an event in the life of Ian already!

  2. Ian said,

    Ok, here’s the deal. Sign up to help me get a Mac Mini, and I’ll write about myself again.

    Ha ha. Don’t worry, I’m probably just kidding.

  3. Mama said,

    I have not the words, too.
    Next to the law against underwear showing this is the limit. I am a member in good standing, er kissing.

  4. Liza said,

    Dude, I write one short comment about how you should write a “real” post and you don’t write anything at all? Fine, bring back the links if you must. 😉

  5. Ian said,

    Hey, either quit your bitching or pony up to the table and throw down your own gauntlet of mixed metaphors. I’ll outwrite you any day of the week.

    Except Saturdays. Saturdays aren’t good for me.

  6. Liza said,

    You’re challenging me to a write-off?
    I accept!

  7. Ian said,

    So, uh, just so I know what I’ve gotten myself into: Do you have a job now, or am I just going to get buried?

  8. Liza said,

    I don’t see how one precludes the other…

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