March 8, 2005

The Hunter Victorious

Posted in General at 6:22 pm by Ian

I returned home yesterday to find something I did not expect. At first, I couldn’t even put my finger on exactly what was out of place, but as I sat down on the couch to check my email, I did a sort of double-take at the floor. I bent down and examined the substance on the floor more closely.


“Sasha!” I exclaimed. She looked up. “Did you destroy my pillow?” She had recently shredded an entire box of kleenex that I had on my bedside table, so I knew such things were not out of the question. I went upstairs. No, the pillow was fine. In fact, there weren’t even any feathers up here. I returned to the first floor, and noticed that the feathers increased in number and in size near the closet. Also, coincidentally, near the window. It all began to come together.

“There was,” I announced (to no one in particular) “a mighty duel.”
“It ranged all over, from the ironing board to the couch”
I looked through the remains.
“The loser is nowhere to be found…”
I found something
“… save a foot.”
I held up the foot.
“While the winner…”
I glanced at Sasha. She was, if possible, even more self-satisfied than usual.
“…went off that way, to curl up on the stereo receiver. Where it is warm.”



  1. Liza said,

    Wow. What a badass cat…

  2. Mama said,

    Gotta watch the windows…and she was, evidently. Good going Sash

  3. Dan said,

    Wow! Don’t think my cat could do that. Tidbit (my cat) just has a twitchy right eye when she plays and likes to lick plastic bags.

  4. Lisa said,

    [sniffs vial]
    Iocane powder! I’d know it anywhere.

  5. Philip said,

    There goes Sasha being thoughtless again… When one my cats back home once killed a bird, she made sure to save some of it and bring it back to us as a gift. She seemed fairly put off that we didn’t accept the fruits of her labor.

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