April 4, 2005

Who’s Next?

Posted in General at 1:19 pm by Ian

Ok, this may sound alarmist, but I don’t know how else to say it: Someone is going to die very soon. I know this because the Pope is being buried this Friday and the media have to find some kind of way to constantly fill the airtime without resorting to journalism (which, with all the scandal about the blantant fabrication thereof, has become an increasingly unprofitable venture), and, frankly, continuing live graveside vigils are both dull and oxymoronic, even if they are what the public wants.

So, it’s coming. And soon. It could be you.

We can only hope that it’s heartfelt and drawn-out.

Update: Peter Jennings has lung cancer. At this rate, there will hardly be any celebrities left in a few years.



  1. Liza said,

    Maybe they can talk about the dead duck I ate last night…

  2. Adam said,

    Not to mention Prince Rainier III

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