April 8, 2005

My Review of Before Sun{rise|set}

Posted in General at 11:01 pm by Ian

So, I realize that the in thing these days is to put up one’s review of Sin City, but my own review would be predictably short. To wit: “I’m seeing it tomorrow”. And then I thought, I can review other movies that I’ve just seen recently. This review shall be in bullet-point form, pitting the movies against each other. There may or may not be spoilers.

  • Julie Delpy is much hotter at 26 than she is at 35. Ethan Hawke, surprisingly, goes the other way. Victor: Sunrise
  • The idea of spending a magically romantic last night with a stranger is fundamentally better than the idea of spending a quick last afternoon with one. Winner: Sunrise.
  • It is strongly implied that they have sex in the first movie. However, it’s strongly implied that they’re about to have sex in the second. I’d say this is a wash.
  • Paris > Vienna. Gold: Sunset.
  • Sunset ends openly, but with great hope. Sunrise ends openly, but with less hope (significantly less if you already know about the sequel) Champion: Sunset
  • What?! He’s married? That sucks. Loser: Sunset
  • I identify much better with the characters in the first movie. Ask me again in 10 years. Relevance: Sunrise

And there we have it. If we total those up, we either see that Sunrise won, or I should go back and add some more positives to Sunrise, because it really was the better movie. I’m sure the comments will reveal the truth.

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