April 20, 2005

Ticketmaster Sucks

Posted in General at 7:01 pm by Ian

I went down to get a ticket to see David Sedaris next Monday when he’s at the Arlington. All the posters and promotional material claimed a price of $30, yet when I actually asked for a ticket, they said $35. I pointed out the discrepancy, and the woman said that there was a $5 “service charge,” as though I should be expected to pay extra to have someone take my money in exchange for a ticket.

I asked how I could avoid the service charge in the future.
“You can’t,” she said.
“That’s some nice false advertising you’ve got there,” I said with a smile.

It turns out it’s quite easy to file a complaint with the California Attorney General



  1. Lisa said,

    Oh hohoho. You rock, Ian.

  2. JT said,

    Stick it to the man! Yeah!

  3. Liza said,

    My comments never show up on your blog!!

  4. Liza said,

    your blog sucks!

  5. Liza said,

    Ok, now that my comments do show up…I saw David Sedaris speak a while back. If you bring a pack of cigarettes with you, he allows you to cut in line in front of all the non-smokers to get your book signed…just a little fyi.

  6. Matt said,

    Was this ticket bought at the box office? I guess I figured the service charges were only applicable if you bought it from some sort of Ticketmaster location (web, phone, your friendly Ticketmaster store, etc.).

  7. Ian said,

    Yes. Directly from the box office.
    Actually, there’s a $10 service charge if you buy it over the phone or through Ticketmaster’s website.


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