April 21, 2005

Swing Jam Pics

Posted in General at 10:37 am by Ian

Didn’t mention it before, but the pictures I took at the Swing Jam are up in the gallery. Also, one of you CSS wizards out there should tell me how I can have my images next to my text without them going outside of the bounds of the post.



  1. Evan Doty said,

    Add the following class to your master style sheet, then apply to images; change to right, of course, to align right. Also, float can be used to place image at any absolute location on a page.

    .floatimgleft {

  2. Ian said,

    Thanks. I know how to use float. The problem is that when I use float, the image goes past the edge of the next post. Here’s the example I should have posted before.

  3. Dan said,

    I always just use, in the img tag, align=”left”

    That way it keeps the image within the confines of the post but puts the text on the right – at least on my blog it does. You may need to make a div entry in your CSS to adjust the gap between the image and the text however.

  4. Dan said,

    Now, on a side note: I looked at your example of a “bad float” and it looks fine in my browser (FireFox)

  5. Evan said,

    Without kludging it, and putting a table in, it looks like the problem is in the relative vs. absolute alignment of objects, but i can’t really tell without the code. Since I don’t know how to send pictures in these postings, i’ll make screenshots and email them to show you why I think that.

  6. Ian said,

    align is deprecated. It shouldn’t be used. And… I’m using Firefox too. Can someone else confirm either way?

    Oh, and you can just put the html img tags in the comments

  7. Ian said,

    Ha ha. Just kidding. That gets stripped out.

  8. Ian said,

    The solution, by the way, is to put <br clear:all> at the end of the last text you want to wrap.

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