May 11, 2005

The Best Quarter Money Can Buy

Posted in General at 3:46 pm by Ian

I noticed that you can see all of the new Quarters online, and lots of the submitted designs. Even some of the slightly less polished ones.

The quarters have apparently been a resounding success for the Treasury, as many Americans have been collecting them, essentially providing an infusion of capital into the government at no extra cost. Personally, I think they’re awesome, and that we should do more variations. My first suggestion (and we’ve already got the submitted ideas for it), is to do a cycle consisting entirely of bears.

I’d like to see Ohio and North Carolina fight it out over who really gave birth to aviation. And it’d be nice to see if Texas could remember the Alamo next time.

And I really really hope that this design gets selected to be the New Mexico quarter. It’s so much better than the other one, which is something lame with balloons. We could call them nukies!

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  1. JT said,

    Maybe I’m just a little out of it or something, but it occurs to me that I’ve only seen maybe two of the new quarters released since 2002 ended.

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