May 13, 2005

Recipe for Dance

Posted in General at 2:07 pm by Ian

Went down to Lindygroove last night for friend Olivia’s birthday, making it my second trip in as many weeks. There was a girl from LMU there with a shirt that I considered awesome, but no one else recognized as brilliant. I am thus posting it here (with minor modifications) that you may reassure me that it is awesome and should be celebrated for wit.

East Coast Swinger
Triple Sec
Triple Sec
On the rocks

You may show your pleasure.



  1. Victor said,

    This gives me an idea for Red Room. <KING> Brilliant! </KING>

  2. Ethan said,

    hahaha….oh my. ‘Definitely took a sec, but yes, ‘s genius.

    ps – am I missing something? why does the comment section ask me to leave my “URI” rather than “URL”…

  3. Ian said,

    It’s the same thing. Identifier vs. Location. Probably just some web standards mumbo jumbo.

  4. Matt said,

    Clever, if undrinkable.

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