June 8, 2005

www.evilblog.xxx, anyone?

Posted in General at 9:27 am by Ian

Since ICANN finally decided to add a new tld that makes sense, and my domain registration is coming up pretty soon, I’ve been thinking about switching over.

From the article

specifically for adult-oriented Web sites that voluntarily agree to adhere to a set of “industry best practices.”

I think it’s safe to categorize this as an adult-oriented website. I may not speak deeply about important issues all the time, but the general level of discourse implies an honest attempt for maturity. Also, consider this: I have no regular children readers.

Sites with addresses ending in .xxx, for example, will agree not to carry material that exploits minors.

This is clearly a restriction I can get behind.

And, for liability reasons, I may be forced to switch

Under the Protect Act passed by Congress in 2003, for example, adult-content Web sites with misleading addresses could be held liable if it is found that they are exposing children to adult content.

Although the word “evil” is promptly featured, it’s unclear if my web address could be construed as “misleading.” Best not to risk it.



  1. Dad said,

    Your concern for protecting the tender eyes and delicate sensibilities of the children of America is commendable.

    I’m proud of you.

  2. Ian said,

    It has also just occurred to me that I could make it xxx.evilblog.xxx for symmetry’s sake. Twice the warning!

  3. Dad said,

    Or even xxx.evilxxxblog.xxx to make absolutely sure everyone gets it.

    I am concerned that you would be agreeing to adhere to “industry best practices” though. That’s a risky business, and a continually moving target. Of course, I guess you’re free to define “industry” however you want.

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