June 27, 2005

A Certain Point of View

Posted in General at 9:08 am by Ian

What Katie said: “So, my friend Ian is coming down to Claremont for a few days. Would it be alright if he stayed here with me?”

What Joellen heard: “I’m going to have sex in your guest room!”



  1. Katie said,

    Hey! At least Alan knew what I meant! *shakes head* And I thought I could communicate better with women. πŸ˜‰

  2. Matt said,

    To her credit, Katie did not specify or inquire anything further about possible sleeping arrangements other than “here with me.” Not knowing Katie’s character, it’s not completely off base.

  3. Becca said,

    But… She’s met Katie.

  4. Matt said,

    She has met Katie, but how well does she know her, really, and how well does she know Ian? For all she knows, Ian might just be so studly that he transforms Katie into her long-repressed, sex-crazed alter ego, tearing off her clothes and flying at him at first sight. Why wait to get to the guest room?

  5. Ian said,

    How do you mean, “might be“?

    Although, it’s true about the waiting. Perhaps what Joellen heard was: “First, we were thinking about on the kitchen table, then…”

  6. Katie said,

    Oh, you know me. Sex on the kitchen counter would be awesome. Let’s do it. The table’s just to easy. πŸ˜‰

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