July 8, 2005

The Title of the Post

Posted in General at 12:44 pm by Ian

Apology for not posting. Enumeration of superceding priorities. Vilification of sleep deprivation. Suggestion to write more on one’s own blog.

Non sequitur. Inside joke. Thinly veiled insults.

Out of context blockquote



  1. Matt said,


  2. Dad said,

    Tangential pop-culture reference.

  3. AB said,

    Off-topic inanity.

  4. Adam said,

    obligatory viagra comment

  5. Ian said,

    Appropriately encompassing witticism.

  6. Daniel said,

    biggest online poker play-outs!

  7. Ian said,

    Understatement on the ubiquity of spam.

  8. Greg said,

    Off-topic question from someone who thinks blog comments are a replacement for email and/or IM.

  9. Dad said,

    Arcane and semi-witty riposte.

  10. Ian said,

    Formulaic joke.

  11. Katie said,

    Comment on the very nice pen at the top of the blog.

  12. Nick said,

    Off-topic comment that was meant to be placed in some post.

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