July 18, 2005

The Promised Land?

Posted in General at 9:41 pm by Ian

You may have heard of the Free State Project, an organization dedicated to affecting the political process in a single state by “voting with their feet.” It’s a pretty cool idea, even though it looks like they’re having trouble getting enough people to commit to the move to New Hampshire.

Now there’s Christian Exodus, which is going to do the same thing, but in South Carolina and for the Lunatic Christian Fringe. A little wandering around the site led to my discovery that Cory Burnell, the president of this organization, lives in California and went to school at UCSB. Although I don’t agree with his whackjobbery or hatemongering, as a fellow Santa Barbaran, I feel that I should do the neighborly thing.

To Cory and any other local Christian Exodus members, I extend the following offer: I’ll help you pack.


  1. Lisa said,

    Why doesn’t Cory live in South Carolina with the rest of the Fringe? I mean, come on, dude!

    (my inner Dave Barry says: Good name for a band, Cory and the Fringe)

  2. Jon said,

    I think that “Lunatic Christian Fringe” is a catchphrase that needs to enter into the public discourse. Catagorizing guys like Cory ahead of time would help prevent a lot of unnecessary explaination.

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