August 4, 2005

An Epic Struggle: Part I

Posted in General at 10:37 pm by Ian

I believe that I’m rapidly approaching the point where the continued smog testing of my car will independently pose a significant threat to Southern California air quality.

Tomorrow, it’s going to be lucky number three.

To bring this story up to date, I bought the Rav4 from Win, who turned out to be much more reasonable (and, in hindsight, prescient), in person. I caught a ride down to Irvine with JC and some other Magic friends, forgoing a day’s worth of cardboard manipulations to sit in a car dealership for a few hours and have them do a smog check and a mechanical inspection. Actually, I sat in the nearby movie theater and then had pizza, but it was still arduous.

It failed the smog check.

Strike one.



  1. Jonah said,

    Isn’t that something you should do before you buy the car?

  2. Ian said,

    According to a particular subset of the DMVs mutually contradictory requirements, yes.

  3. Katie said,

    So, did it pass?!

  4. Ian said,

    You’re one of those people who jumps to the last page in a murder mystery, aren’t you?

  5. Katie said,

    Actually, no, not at all. But I’ll happily continue reading the story now that it’s posted. 🙂

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