September 11, 2005


Posted in General at 9:20 pm by Ian

I was going to post all this stuff about the process of fixing the boat, the various steps that were made, but then I went over to my front neighbors to have a beer in celebration of its completion and, a few hours later, it took me about ten minutes to compose this sentence.

So you are left with only before and after pictures. Let us hope that I can handle <img> tags in my martini induced state.



(Edit: Yeah, sure. That’s an awesome layout.)



  1. Dad said,

    Great work, son. It looks really nice. I bet it will sail well too. Let me know when it’s been on the water.

  2. Liza said,

    Looks cute. Are you going to have another naming contest? I forget.

  3. Katie said,

    She’s a very pretty boat. I love the color. When’s the inaugural voyage?

  4. Grandmaretta said,

    A beautiful job! Bet she’ll even float. A “regatta” someday with her & “Whodunit?”

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