September 12, 2005


Posted in General at 9:06 am by Ian

And, now that I’ve sobered up, I should add that I couldn’t have finished the boat without all the help from people I received.

In no particular order, thanks to
Galen, for giving me the boat in the first place
Dad, for buying it all those years ago and showing me how not to put the sails on backwards and stuff
Mom, for temporary storage
Nick, for countless hours spent sanding, painting, and taking the sails apart, and for the hours that he has promised to spend putting them back together
Phil, for countless hours spent sanding, painting, and putting his fingers near the path of my hammer. Luckily, my thumb was the only casualty
Jason and Mike, for countably many hours spent sanding and painting
Jess, for, like, an hour spent sanding and stripping (paint).
The fine gentleman at the boating store who asks me what I’m working on every time I go in, even though I’m in there, on average, 5 times a week.
Sasha, for tirelessly protecting me from the menace of whichever piece of the boat I’m currently holding.
Rich, for being a jerk and making me finish it this weekend (nothing like a 14 hour day to really move a project along)
My front neighbors, for very sincere-sounding offers to help, and for comisserating with me over Rich being a jerk.


  1. mama said,

    So, like, the boat is finished! Well, you wanted to have something that pushed you to maximum efficiency. I know you were thinking of some other work but work is work, after all. Now you have the rest of the weekends to rest on your laurels, yes?
    Dear Sasha, Thank you for protecting my son in his many no doubt hazzardous possessions of parts from another galaxy far far away. Warning Will Rogers, Danger! I approve, of course. Sasha is thinking all the time. Too bad she can not speak. And, of course, she never gets any medals or ribbons or trophies of any kind for her labors. It is a wonder she is so tireless in her efforts. It must be love.
    The driveway is yours whenever you need it.

  2. Ian said,

    she never gets any medals or ribbons or trophies of any kind for her labors.

    Lies and villainy!

    She got a collar with her name and my phone number on it. She also got to wear a slinky for a while.

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