October 2, 2005

I Found a Hamster

Posted in General at 10:57 pm by Ian

cheekyI had a barbecue this afternoon and, all of a sudden, people were running over to the edge of the yard, chasing something. It was an escaped pet hamster which, once corralled, was quite fluffy and friendly. And he (she? It’s hard to tell with hamsters) absolutely demolished a few carrot sticks in only a few moments’ time.

I tried to see if he was a neighbor hamster, but hamsters do not traditionally wear tags, and most of the neighbors were not at home. Having no hamster cage, I am keeping him for now in the bottom drawer of a small plastic chest of drawers I have. The cat is intrigued.

I have provisionally named him Cheeky. I gave him water and carrots and some lettuce, but I assume that in the more long-term, he shall require some sort of hamster chow.



  1. Tania said,

    Sasha seems quite intrigued. ^_^….. (>”)>

  2. Adam said,

    So it looks like Cheeky has finally noticed Sasha; I hope it does scare him to death.

  3. Kyle said,

    Looks like you got your wish. The poor little guy was scared to death, literally. Happy now? =Þ

  4. Ian said,

    I’m reasonably sure that was a typo.

  5. Adam said,

    oh oops. yeah, definitely a typo 😛

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