October 4, 2005

Rest in Peace, Cheeky

Posted in General at 8:06 am by Ian

I checked on him this morning, and he was curled up into a little cold stiff ball. Dead.

He had plenty of water and munchies still left, so it wasn’t hunger or thirst. And there were plenty of gaps in the plastic container. He had air. The consensus on the boards seems to be that he must have eaten something toxic while he was enjoying his freedom.

I’ll miss you, little fella.



  1. Jon said,

    Saddest story ever. I think it was the gin-soaked lime.

  2. Lisa said,

    HEY now, it was a gin-soaked lime that then got soaked with gin-ger ale. You know as well as I that the laws of equilibrium took care of it.

    Besides, he wouldn’t even touch the lime. Come on, Cheeky! Limes are good!

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