October 10, 2005

Just Dessert

Posted in General at 11:20 am by Ian

“Wow. Look at these menus. I can’t even find the desserts section.”
“It’s over on the right. No, further. Down a bit. Ok, look for sandwiches and go South South East.”
“I’m not even sure I want a dessert; maybe I want something fried. Onion rings, or something.”
“Maybe they’ll just fry the dessert: ‘Yeah, I’d like a piece of pecan pie, and could you just dunk that in the deep fryer for a minute?'”
“Here! Look, a deep fried banana split! ‘The Havana Banana split is made with a banana lightly fried in sweet batter.'”
“Hi, are you ready to order?”
“Yeah, I’ll get the Havana Banana Split.”
“Would you like the large, or the small.”
“Uhm. How big…?”
“Well, the banana is just a little bigger.”
[eyebrow] “What are you suggesting?”
“Oh, uhm. It’s just, uhhh….”


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