October 25, 2005

I Know Where The Caged Bird Flies (Has a Layover, Anyway)

Posted in General at 3:44 pm by Ian

There are two small birds—sparrows, I think—flying around in the B Terminal of the Boise Airport. I have a book, an internet connection, and several movies on my laptop, but I’ve been watching the birds for about 15 minutes while I wait on hold with all my financial institutions to change my address.

On my whirlwind tour through the Pacific NorthNotQuiteSoWest, I have learned the following things, which I did not before know.

  • There is beer in Salt Lake City (the airport, anyway), but it’s pretty wussy beer.
  • Oh, good lord. We interrupt this list to bring you the fact that that lights just partly went off and there’s a… buzzing, sort of sizzling sound from above. I can’t see, but I hope that neither of the birds found a new path to ground.
  • “No, You ‘da ho!” never gets old. Never.
  • Flight attendants are specially trained to always try to give you drinks at the exact moment that whatever movie you are watching is at its most socially objectionable scene.
  • Exits from Idaho freeways are labeled with mile markers only, not street names. Our directions, on the other hand, were t’other way ’round. Hilarity ensued.


  1. Victor said,

    SLC? Why are you in Salt Lake?

  2. Ian said,

    Because there aren’t any direct flights from Santa Barbara to Boise, of course 😀

  3. Katie said,

    The other thing that never gets old is telling people you’re going to Moscow
    *very long pause* Idaho. Because it just sounds so much cooler when they think you’re going on a trip to Russia.

  4. Jon said,

    Don’t you dare! Mos-CO….Mos-COW…Mos-CO…Mos-COW. You’d better get it right (I was basically born there).

  5. Katie said,

    Yeah, but it’s the spelling not the pronounciation that counts. 😉 It’s not my fault that there’s a w on the end. And yes, I do know how to pronounce it correctly. But it’s more impressive when you choose not to.

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