January 2, 2006

“…Because I was inverted.”

Posted in General at 7:16 pm by Ian

We decided that it was finally time to mount the projector on the ceiling and, rather than spend $100 on a snazzy store-bought one, I set out to make one. Based on the design at this page, I went and got a shelf (to cut up), a bunch of screws and some lag bolts to hang the lower plate from. A few hours later, and only two short trips up into the ceiling crawlspace to figure out where the damn stud was (14″, 16″, 17.4″ on center, depending on how much the original builders were having to drink, is my guess), and our projector was vaguely attached to the ceiling.

The great part of this is that you no longer have to duck when you walk through the room to keep from being blinded or casting a shadow.

Nick is amused. He waves his hands out in front of me, marveling that he no longer occludes the picture.

“That’s great.” I agree. “You no longer cause a shadow. You are, however, still waving your hands in front of my face.”


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