January 3, 2006

Green Potatoes : Moldy Bread

Posted in General at 10:10 pm by Ian

It turns out, green potatoes can kill you. And you can’t get rid of it if you just peel the green part off.

Who knew?



  1. Tania said,

    Dang, never knew that… good to know as a pharmacist.

  2. Ian said,

    So you’ll catch it if someone is prescribed green potatoes?

    I can smell the malpractice lawsuit coming.

  3. Tania said,

    well we get all sorts of patients now… especially in the hospital… it’s amazing what patients put in their mouths… so if i see a patient saying all he injested for x no of months (generally speaking) green taters, i know what’s up.

    makes me wonder if theres an antidote *shrugs* curious to what kind of poison it is exactly and how it acts… anyway lol

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