March 29, 2006

I Just had a Bilingual Telephone Conversation

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Phone: Ring.
Me: Hello?
Some Lady: <spanish words>
Me: Tiene numero equivocado. (Spanish for “You have the wrong number.”)
Some Lady: Oh, I’m sorry. (No accent whatsoever)
Me: No problem.


March 27, 2006

LA’s Finest

Posted in General at 3:18 pm by Ian

Today’s awesome quote comes to you from this article.

“We no longer say if you’ve smoked marijuana five times, you can’t be in the LAPD,” said Cmdr. Kenneth Garner, who runs recruitment for the Los Angeles Police Department. “If we did that, I’d be sitting in this office by myself. But we really take a hard look at honesty.”

I have no words.

March 22, 2006

Hot and Cold

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“I need Ski Patrol.”

Some guy behind me is yelling.

“I hurt my hand; please let me through. I need to get Ski Patrol.”

His words are calm, but his voice isn’t. There’s a rising panic that he hopes is masked by a politely phrased request.

He’s near me, and I can see that he has one hand clamped over the other, with a little blood running down his wrist. He gets nearer, and says he needs to get a bandage. I pull my headband out of my pocket, and tell him we can wrap his hand. He stops, and I slide next to him. We get his hand wrapped up, and a few seconds later a woman with a Ski Patrol pin on it approaches.

She is not Ski Patrol, she tells us, but she used to be. And she’s a nurse. She talks the guy down, while I call 911, who transfers me to Ski Patrol.

He’s calming down, and the former Ski Patrol nurse tells me where we are (I don’t know the names of the runs), and assures him that he’ll be fine. He’ll be skiing again tomorrow.

“Plus,” I throw in, “think of it this way. You get a ride down the mountain in one of those cool buckets, and a new headband besides.”

He laughs at this, and when a current member of the Ski Patrol arrives, I am on my way.

Fluid Flow

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We had to wait in line for the men’s room at Mammoth last weekend. Which surprised me, because it didn’t seem like there were substantially more men on the mountain than women, and we men are generally so much more eliminatorily efficient.

For example, I happened to notice that there was an empty pint glass resting on one of the glove-holder racks at the urinal. Someone, presumably, brought it in with him and finished it.


March 20, 2006

An Actual Sign Displayed at at Tire Store in Bishop, CA

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Blowout Tire Sale!

March 9, 2006

Strawberry Pie

Posted in General at 9:51 pm by Ian

Look at what we made!

We decided to make a pizza tonight (uh, about three weeks ago, now), but didn’t think about what to put on it until the moment arrived. We were out of most standard toppings. So we decided to put strawberries on it, based on the following list of reasons.

  • Pineapple is good on pizzas.

We also put mushrooms on half, in case the strawberries were as bad as we feared they might be.

But it turned out quite good.

Next up: chocolate chip pizza.

March 6, 2006

Mizer: A Magic Price Finder

Posted in General at 10:26 pm by Ian


This is why it pays to look around for a solution before solving a problem. It turns out that almost all of the functionality I had is already implemented on the site I was scraping, so Mizer is no more.

Oh well. I still learned a bit of python.

A Long Overdue Update

Posted in General at 11:08 am by Ian

Since my adoring fan has been clamoring for even a modicum of information about my life, here is a brief update. There will be more to come on each of these topics over the next week:

  • I’ve been spending most of my free time over the last week and a half on a little software project that was partly an excuse to learn python and partly a brilliant scheme to save a few bucks buying magic cards on the internet. It’s now to the point where I haven’t found any bugs for about 20 minutes running, and I want to set it loose on some other systems to see what new and interesting failures will result, so I’ll be posting it soon.
  • See what happens when you let two engineers try to cook dinner without having certain critical ingredients.
  • Finances: Why not to pay back your student loans.
  • And, the chronicle of the other night at the bar, in which the incredible lengths to which the tobacco companies will go to peddle their wares.