March 9, 2006

Strawberry Pie

Posted in General at 9:51 pm by Ian

Look at what we made!

We decided to make a pizza tonight (uh, about three weeks ago, now), but didn’t think about what to put on it until the moment arrived. We were out of most standard toppings. So we decided to put strawberries on it, based on the following list of reasons.

  • Pineapple is good on pizzas.

We also put mushrooms on half, in case the strawberries were as bad as we feared they might be.

But it turned out quite good.

Next up: chocolate chip pizza.



  1. kyle said,

    Wow, was it actually good? It seems like it… wouldn’t be.

  2. Ian said,

    Yep. Pretty good. Tastes like strawberries, but also like pizza. Even Nick, who does not care for pineapple on pizza, enjoyed it.

  3. Liza said,

    you’re a genius. you should go and market it some more. make pizza what jelly belly is now. it’ll be huge!

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