March 22, 2006

Hot and Cold

Posted in General at 8:08 pm by Ian

“I need Ski Patrol.”

Some guy behind me is yelling.

“I hurt my hand; please let me through. I need to get Ski Patrol.”

His words are calm, but his voice isn’t. There’s a rising panic that he hopes is masked by a politely phrased request.

He’s near me, and I can see that he has one hand clamped over the other, with a little blood running down his wrist. He gets nearer, and says he needs to get a bandage. I pull my headband out of my pocket, and tell him we can wrap his hand. He stops, and I slide next to him. We get his hand wrapped up, and a few seconds later a woman with a Ski Patrol pin on it approaches.

She is not Ski Patrol, she tells us, but she used to be. And she’s a nurse. She talks the guy down, while I call 911, who transfers me to Ski Patrol.

He’s calming down, and the former Ski Patrol nurse tells me where we are (I don’t know the names of the runs), and assures him that he’ll be fine. He’ll be skiing again tomorrow.

“Plus,” I throw in, “think of it this way. You get a ride down the mountain in one of those cool buckets, and a new headband besides.”

He laughs at this, and when a current member of the Ski Patrol arrives, I am on my way.



  1. Dan said,

    Ian to the rescue!!

  2. Ian said,

    I should get one of those little barrels that those rescue dogs carry around their necks.

    Not to wear, but if I understand correctly, there’s liquor in those things.

  3. Daniel said,

    heck yes there is! Ever see that Disney cartoon? There was “magic water” in that thing…

  4. Patrick said,

    Bastard, I want to be snowboarding right now…I’ve been itching to go since the soreness from my last trip wore off. Earlier than that, actually.

    Way to be a Hero. Now you can go pick up your skiing rescue merit badge.

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