April 3, 2006

Excerpts from 20 Questions on the Way to and from Mammoth

Posted in General at 10:38 am by Ian

“Ok, I’m thinking of a person.”
“Jack Bauer!”
“Chuck Norris?”
“Chuck Norris isn’t fictional.”

“Ok, I’m thinking of a place.”
“Are we there yet?”
<whips head around following a spot on the side of the road>

“Ok, I’m thinking of a person”
“UHmmm… Ok, I better think of a different person.”

“I’m thinking of a thing.”
“Will it fit inside this car?”
“Will it fit inside a breadbox?”
“Does it change sizes, or do only some of them fit?”
“It changes size.”
“Is it utilitarian in nature?”
“Does it expand in all directions?”
“Does it unfold?”
“Does it telescope?”
“Does it inflate?”
“Is it made of wood?”
“Is it some kind of giant magnetic penis?”
“Was I close?”

“Does this thing actually exist?”
“Would somebody in the front seat hit him for me?”

“Ok, I’m thinking of a thing.”
“Is it alive?”
“Does it come in more than 4 colors?”
“Can you play music on it underwater?”
“Are there low-fat versions?”
“Uhm… You guys don’t really want to play this anymore, do you?”



  1. Liza said,

    Pictures, please.

  2. Ian said,

    Actually, playing 20 Questions in a car ride is not as photogenic as it might at first seem.

    And, if you mean the rest of the trip, I didn’t bring my camera. Well, I did one time, but I never actually took any pictures.

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