April 20, 2006

We’re Doomed

Posted in General at 5:30 pm by Ian

I was recently alerted to the presence of online Ecological Footprint calculators. There are a variety. After entering legitimate answers, I decided to see what would happen with minimum answers.

Entering a total yearly consumption of $1 (spent on clothing or footwear), a household of 10, and an annual income of $10, the calculator reported to me that we would need 1.9 Earths if everyone on the planet were to live like this. The obvious conclusion is that the Earth is incapable of supporting human life.

It was nice knowing you.



  1. Patrick said,

    They’re kinda cool, but are also terribly off base and inacurate. Take for example the family of 12 in the south sahara who burn wood for heat, cooking, and have to keep the fire running 24/7. Not exactly the epitome of eco living, even if their food footprint was the size of a back yard in manhattan.

    They are fun tho.

  2. AB said,

    Damn, we’re all screwed. Even with 300 people in my family and $0 total expenditures and income, poor old Earth can’t support us. I decided that with a grand total of $0 spent on energy, transportation, and material goods we could afford the occasional bit of meat, but apparently it would take 2.7 earths to support that kind of irresponsible lifestyle.

    I am now secure in the knowledge that there’s no point in changing my decadent Western consumption-driven ways, because the world will be going to hell even if we all live on twigs and lint.

  3. Ian said,

    Hey! I had twigs and lint for dinner last night. You got somethin’ against my basic homestyle Earth-friendly cooking?

  4. Chris said,

    Well you know what they say, “A true envinromentalist kills themself.”

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