September 12, 2006

A Proportionate Response

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For the benefit of those who aren’t on the HMC community-l email list, the following was just posted

Fellow responsible citizens,

As we commemorate the fifth anniversary of September the 11th, 2001,
the day that changed history forever, I think it is fitting that we
ask ourselves a few questions about that day, to remind ourselves what
exactly we are commemorating as 9/11/2006 draws to a close.

First of all, let’s ask the most fundamental question: Why? At the
most basic level, why did the World Trade Center towers fall on
September 11th, 2001? The Bush administration and the mainstream media
would like you to believe it was the airplanes–you know, a pointy
aluminum object loaded with jet fuel smashes into a building, fire
melts the steel, it soon collapses perfectly into its own
footprint–it seems perfectly natural to the average American.
However, a closer look reveals several inconsistencies in the
“official story”: [1]

1) The massive 44- to 47-column steel cores [2] completely
disintegrated as the towers fell, providing no resistance to the
falling upper floors [1], even though they were easily able to support
the towers with 600% redundancy [3].
2) The concrete was completely pulverized into fine dust, which
requires a great deal of energy [4].
3) The dust clouds quickly expanded to many times the volumes of the
buildings, at speeds people could not outrun, which requires an even
greater amount of explosive energy [5].
4) Demolition squibs (plumes of smoke) are seen being ejected from
floors below the crash regions, even before the tops of the towers
began to fall [6].
5) The towers fell at near free-fall speeds, even though in a
gravity-driven collapse they would have had to crush all the floors
below them as well as shatter the steel core [7].
6) As indicated by the black smoke and lack of red-hot steel or broken
windows, the fires did not burn hot enough even to weaken, much less
to melt the steel core and perimeter columns [8].
7) A third building, WTC7, also collapsed perfectly into its own
footprint, supposedly because of fires in the top floor, although such
fires could not be expected to cause a complete collapse, let alone a
precise vertical one [9].

Even more interestingly, World Trade Center buildings 1, 2, and 7 are
the only high-rise buildings ever to undergo total progressive
collapse and disintegration. Other skyscraper fires, such as the much
longer and hotter Windsor Building fire in Madrid in 2005, caused only
a small partial collapse, leaving almost all of the steel frame
standing [10]. In other collapses, such as those caused by
earthquakes, buildings tip over and remain largely intact, rather than
collapsing into their own footprints, and even progressive collapses
leave the pancaked floors clearly visible rather than disintegrated

So if it wasn’t fires or structural damage, why *did* the towers
collapse so precisely, completely, and quickly? In every collapse
except the World Trade Center, “only controlled demolitions have
caused such buildings to fall vertically into their footprints” [11].
Could it not be possible that the twin towers collapsed for a reason
other than the planes or the fires? Perhaps, as it seems, the twin
towers’ “collapses” were not an exception, but in fact were really
controlled demolitions?

Surprisingly, this is not as far-fetched as it sounds. Apparently,
explosives are normally planted in very tall skyscrapers during
construction to help demolish them when they become too old or
structurally unsound [12]. Indeed, the cleanly-cut steel fragments
make a convincing case for thermite or the plastic explosive C4, as
they could have been placed inside the steel core columns to create
the necessary explosive effect. In fact, a mysterious powder was
placed in the columns by the government during the towers’
construction, and this could well have been thermite or C4. Completely
encasing these explosives in concrete most likely extended their shelf
lives long enough to keep them effective until their detonation 30
years after the towers were built. [13] Also note that neither
explosive would have been accidentally detonated by the fires, because
thermite ignites at 1200 degrees C [14], much hotter than the under
600 degrees C fires [8], while C4 needs a special detonator and will
not detonate even if it is lit on fire [13], thus allowing the
explosives to be detonated later in an exact sequence. In any case,
explosive demolition of the towers would explain many of the
inconsistencies in the official story, especially the sudden
disintegration of the steel core.

Ultimately, tall, rigid towers collapsing into their own footprints is
just plain strange. In New York, there is a 9/11 mural painted by
children on a church wall. It shows a World Trade Center tower that
has fallen on its side and burst into flame, with the words “We never
gave up our power.” Needless to say, these children’s version of the
9/11 collapses is quite different than the vertical collapse and few
visible flames that actually occurred. Nevertheless, if even children
find the official story unrealistic, shouldn’t we question the logic
of what the Bush administration and the mainstream media tell us? Let
us hope that, like these children, we, too will never give up our
power to think and ask questions about September 11th, 2001.

–Aaron Marcuse-Kubitza

P.S. If you would like more information about the 9/11 collapses, I
have created a webpage at listing all the
9/11 sites I have visited.
Also, if you know anyone who would be interested in this e-mail,
please feel free to forward it to them and spread the word.



My response

Actually, it’s far worse than you think.

That mysterious powder the government placed into the towers during
construction was nothing so prosaic as thermite or C4; it was magical
moon dust (from the dark side), harvested during the 70s, and put into
all high-profile buildings to keep the vampiric Saturnians and the
Extrasolar Alliance at bay. Normally, the magic moon dust is just mixed
into the concrete, but since the WTC was already under construction for
the first moon landing in 1969, they had to sprinkle it in. Or bring it
in drums or something.

Now, I know what you’re going to say: We didn’t land on the moon in
1969! That was all faked on a Hollywood sound stage. That’s what they
*want* you to think. And, as usual, in each deception, there is a grain
of truth. Of course the Apollo missions were faked. That evidence is
clear. But what most people don’t know is that a joint US-Cuba mission
to Mars was planned in the early 60s. The Cuban missile crisis was
actually a cover story concocted when photographs of the launch vehicles
for the first wave of astronauticos were leaked. At the time, it was
foolishly believed that the Martians, because of their fascination with
Latin rhythm, would be more open to Cuban diplomats. This also explains
the high-altitude Samba tests that the government conducted in ’58. Once
it was discovered that the Martians had three legs, the tenuous
relationship between the US and Cuba dissolved, and the US was forced to
go it alone in the space race. Lacking the more equatorially located
launch site, we pulled our horizons back to the moon.

And it’s a good thing we did. Because no sooner was the first Lunar
Military base established than we faced an onslaught from Saturn. The
vampires live on the rings of Saturn, which are not made of gas and dust
as you may have been led to believe, but out of crystallized marshmallow
peeps, held in a matrix of evil. Serendipitously, we discovered that the
Saturnians are repelled by moon dust taken from craters that look like
smiley faces.

Moon dust in hand, the government quickly set about securing buildings
in the US. For the most part, these covert teams were successful, but
occasionally they were discovered. The Watergate scandal was one such
casualty. Rather than expose the American people to the horrible truth,
Nixon resigned in disgrace.

Jumping forward a few decades, the supply of moon dust has all but dried
up. Even worse, the rest of the nations of the world are finally awaking
to the fact that their unreasonably high rates of exsanguination
killings during certain phases of the moon are more than just a
coincidence (Fact: More people in France are killed by being drained of
their blood every day than I can fit in my car, including the trunk).
With the incredible flakiness of the space shuttle, it looks like we
won’t be going back to the Moon soon. Even the continual support of our
early warning outpost (the ISS) is in jeopardy. Luckily, in the wake of
the September 11th attacks, and after we’d seen ample evidence of
smiley-face craters there, President Bush made a mission to Mars one of
our highest priorities.

We do know that moon dust is not the only way to repel the Extrasolar
Alliance’s mind-control rays. Wrapping buildings (or individuals) in
aluminum foil is also effective, and the “installation artist” Christo
has achieved reasonable success with large ribbons. But these are merely
buying us time.




  1. Burrowowl said,

    Thank you, citizen, for bringing this important information to light. I tip my aluminum-foil hat to you, sir.

  2. AB said,

    But how do we know your arguments are sound without a long list of web addresses at the bottom of your email? Also, minor nitpick: the Cuban missile crisis in 1962 was precipitated by the discovery of launch vehicles that betray a joint Cuba-US space mission as you said, but this mission predates any attempts at Martian diplomacy by at least seven years, as the Latin rhythm hypothesis did not gain any traction until after the moon landing.

  3. Ian said,

    The logic of my argument is all the citation it needs.

    If you deny my timeline for the Martian rhythm hypothesis, you must have some other explanation for the findings of the Warren Commission. JFK was silenced by the Martians before he could expose them and after it was clear that they would not agree to our protection racket (The Martians, having dissimilar facial anatomy from ours, did not have the basic evolutionary psychology to easily recognize smiley faced craters, and our ambassadors attempted to extract an unreasonable fee to stop the invading Saturnian hordes).

    All that conflicting evidence on the grassy knoll about whether there was one or two people then becomes clear. The FBI was simply not equipped, forensically, to handle a three-legged footprint track.

  4. AB said,

    The idea that the FBI couldn’t identify Martian tracks is laughable, given that they’ve been substantially controlled by extraterrestrial interests since the ascent of J. Edgar Hoover in 1924 (the difficulty aliens have in distinguishing traditional male and female clothing is well known, but he appears to have nevertheless maintained his cover).

  5. Ian said,

    Certainly the top tier of the FBI was aware of their director’s alienity, but it is precisely because of that that the average gumshoe was kept uninformed and incapable of making the obvious deduction.

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