September 13, 2006

Next Up: Cashews Over Easy

Posted in Uncategorized at 5:30 pm by Ian

Did you know you can boil peanuts?

I mean, obviously, you can. What I’ve only recently discovered is that, after you do, if you eat them, they taste good. I haven’t actually done this. But one of my coworkers, who brought some in today, claims that it’s quite easy. They just have the peanuts right there in the store, and if you offer money, they’ll sell them to you, no questions asked.



  1. Dad said,

    And presumably we’re talking raw cashews here, not already roasted ones?

  2. Dad said,

    And of course, when I say cashews, I mean peanuts.

  3. Ian said,

    Yes. And lots of salt in that water.

    In fact, I bet if we put them in jars, we could pickle the peanuts!

  4. Linda & Kevin said,

    It’s delicious! Asians love boiling ’em. Yum…mmmm…. And as Homer would say mm…grrr..olll.

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