October 23, 2006

Cohen v. California Revisited

Posted in Uncategorized at 10:05 am by Ian

My coworker Tim has made a T-shirt that deserves some advertising. He’s not making any money on it, just doing it to get the idea out.

SB peoples who want one, let me know; we can go in on an order and save on shipping.



  1. Jon said,

    front: “Mel Gibson’s: The Passion of the Christ” with good graphics
    back: “So My Country Can Be Free”

    Is this –

    a) the worst idea ever?
    b) doesn’t make sense?
    c) somewhat funny?

    (I don’t endorse the idea whatsoever, just surprised that no one’s done it yet)

  2. Jon said,

    Actually, I later realized that “Mel Gibson for President” was a much better front.

  3. Ian said,

    I have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about, but the fact that you’ve gone through revisions gives me hope that I will better understand the next iteration.

  4. Jon said,

    awww – I think it only makes sense if you’ve watched a certain movie or seen a certain video clip, and then were cognizant enough several different things to make the connection in your head. So far I’ve told 4 people who I though would get it, and 2 of them laughed really hard while the other two needed the whole thing explained to them. Which I might like in the t-shirt – 7% of the population might think it hilarious and the other 93% would think it meant something totally different. Too bad I’d never wear it…

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