November 3, 2006

Suspense! Intrigue! Cliched Conversations Between Unknown Sinister Characters! (3452 words)

Posted in Uncategorized at 12:55 am by Ian

“Sir, I think you better have a look at this.”
“What is it.”
“Wilkins, I don’t have time for your interweb bullshit. If the baby isn’t going to start dancing, tell me what the hell I’m looking at.”
“Look at the picture, sir. Doesn’t it look like—”
“Shit. Our lost package. Can we verify this? Blow it up or something?”
“I can’t blow it up, but I can’t increase the resolution. It’ll just look big and blurry. But it does look like our baby, doesn’t it? It was added at the same time as this comment below. Forty-three years, sir. That puts it in the right ballpark.”
“Find out who this Smith guy is. His real name. Why he has it. How he got it. What the hell he’s going to do with it. And how long we have.”
“Before someone else comes looking.”



  1. Kyle said,

    Well I’m at 3529 words, so there! =P

  2. Ian said,

    Oh, it is on.

    I’m going to break 15,000 this weekend.

  3. AB said,

    “Computer, enhance. Enhance.”
    “Sir, you know that only works on tv, right?”
    “Computer, rotate 90 degrees and zoom.”
    “Do you talk to the computer in your office, sir? There’s no microphone here, and even if there was, this computer doesn’t speak English.”

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