November 7, 2006

Three Stories about Democracy, Each One Shorter Than the Last

Posted in Uncategorized at 11:10 am by Ian

This morning on our bike ride we rode through an intersection that had, on opposite corners, people holding up signs for various candidates. From a distance, I had hoped that they were in opposition and, say, spewing invective across the traffic. But when we got closer, I could see that, while there were two different candidates being shilled for, they were both Democrats running for different offices (Janet Wolf and Lois Capps). One of the women on the corner was holding a hand-drawn sign. Good for her. That frees up all the mass-produced signs for the vital task of uglifying everyone’s front lawn.
Ryan pulled up beside me.
“I have this feeling that I should vote for Janet Wolf.”
“You’re such a sheep. I’m voting for Lois Capps.”
When we rode by, I shouted “Go Democracy!”


I found an “I voted” sticker on the stairs outside work this morning. No one claimed to have lost it, so I put it on. I always vote, but absentee, so I never get the sticker. Now I have the best of both worlds.


And, I have to say that it sure was a good idea that we left that loophole in the National Do Not Call List for political groups.


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