November 9, 2006

I Don’t Belong To an Organized Political Party…

Posted in Uncategorized at 10:07 am by Ian

You know the punchline (If you don’t, Google knows the punchline. Go educate yourselves and sin no more).

The Governor of Ohio some state with lots of vowels in it announced his intention to run for President. I’ve heard many times that Macy’s starts planning the next year’s Thanksgiving Day Parade on the day after Thanksgiving. Yet here we see that the Democrats have wasted an entire day, resting on their laurels, instead of planning for a potentially even more important event.



  1. JT said,

    The article clearly points out that Tom Vilsack was the Governor of Iowa, not Ohio…

  2. Ian said,


  3. Dad said,

    So, family story time.

    One time when your Great Aunt Pat (Grandma Loretta’s sister) and family were visiting New York from their home in Onawa, Iowa, a local asked where they were from. After hearing the reply “Iowa”, he looked puzzled for a moment, and then said. “Out here, we pronounce it ‘Ohio’.”

    As for “state with a lot of vowels”, “California” has 5 vowels, and I believe South Carolina leads the pack with 6.

    Still, proportionally Iowa and Ohio lead the pack at 75%

    How many vowels do they have? Three, quite a lot really.


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