November 18, 2006

Cat and Mouse (23924)

Posted in Uncategorized at 2:11 pm by Ian

Randy and the other technicians no longer read the prompts on the supervisor warning windows. The applications team had tried implementing technical measures to force each technician to read them but none had yet been successful. Their first attempt had been to change the wording of each warning so that you could not always just click “Yes.” When that didn’t reduce the number of up transferred calls, the technicians began to randomize the buttons, then the position of the windows on the screen, and finally randomly generate the actual language used in each warning. Randy and his fellow technicians had developed a resident program that would read the screen buffer, OCR the image, parse the warning text, and position the mouse over the proper button. This is what happens when you take MIT-educated engineers and make them work with customer service software.


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