November 20, 2006

What I Said Last Time (30267)

Posted in Uncategorized at 11:02 pm by Ian

Lucy wearily lowered herself into a worn bench seat and sighed. John stood in the aisle and motioned with his eyes for her to move over. He glanced behind himself toward the front of the bus, and toward the gathering mass of grumbling and pushing people —long distance bus travelers are generally not known for their patience and societal graces— and turned back with a bit more urgency.
“Uhm, Luce, could you, maybe…” He motioned with his hands. for her to slide over to the window and let him sit down.
“Look, buddy, I’m about ready to kill someone for a shower and a clean set of clothes, and you’re first in line.
John spread his hands out in front of himself.
“I haven’t got a shower.” He sniffed under his armpits. “Or a clean set of clothes.”
“Well, then I’ll kill you over the lack of a shower and a clean set of clothes.”
“Hey, buddy. Just buy her some flowers at the next stop. I’ll split it with you if I get a chance!” shouted someone from behind.
“Ok, but unless you move over pretty soon, you’re going to miss your big chance to kill me.


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