December 11, 2006

Washington Mutual’s New Security Setup

Posted in Uncategorized at 4:52 pm by Ian

I just tried to log on to my bank account, and was confronted with a prompt to provide the answers to some inane questions. I’ve done this before. I have several online banks, and they all require some sort of silliness like this. But, on closer inspection, I was kind of stumped.

Here’s the list of questions. Click for a larger view.


There’s only one question on that list that is applicable to me, and to which I actually know the answer. My favorite person from history. Sure, I could come up with someone, but the chances that I’d remember who I picked in a year and a half when I actually lose my password are slim.

So I picked “Hitler.” At least I can look forward to a very uncomfortable telephone conversation with the bank when I forget my password.



  1. JT said,

    What, there’s no crystal ball including with your free checking?

  2. Philip said,

    It must select those questions from a random pool, because although all of those look like ones I saw, none of my three lists were so hard to find a good question in. 75% of the questions being largely specific to married people is probably just bad luck…

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