January 30, 2007

Voting at the Kids Table

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I’ve always liked that Washington, DC’s license plates read “Taxation without Representation.” Now we could add a similar motto to the vehicles of Guam, Puerto Rico, American Samoa, and the Virigin Islands: “Representation without Taxation”. Except not really.

if the five delegates’ votes change the outcome of a vote, the “committee of the whole” would stop and the regular 435-member House would vote again without the delegates.


Finally, a plan to make the representatives of those (surprisingly often Democrat-controlled–probably just a coincidence) territories and districts votes count, except of course when they would actually count, in which case they won’t. This is done because the Constitution is rather particular about who qualifies as a representative, but is silent on the qualifications for a pretend representative.


January 23, 2007

Look, I’m Dancing!

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Here’s a clip of the dance group I’m in trying out for a show that I’m not actually going to be in.

Bear in mind that we are really cramped in the video compared to most of our practices, since that’s the only way we could fit the camera inside the same room we were dancing in.

January 18, 2007

Rhetorical: Is Big Brother Watching?

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The Feds have started putting RFID chips containing a digital photograph and biometric information in passports, but not all people know whether their passport contains such a chip. They started putting them in about a year ago, so if you got a passport around then, here’s a simple way of telling whether or not your passport has an RFID chip in it.

  1. Place your passport face up in front of you.
  2. Hit it with a hammer.
  3. Your passport does not have an RFID chip installed.

January 16, 2007

It is Done

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All those who commented on the original post have been sent a copy of the NaNoWriMo work from the past year.

I’ve already decided: I’m going to do it again this year, but with a twist. Stay tuned in 10 months or so to find out what that twist is.

If you didn’t leave a comment but would like a copy, please do so in the original post, and one will be sent to you.

January 11, 2007

…And That’s What They Call ‘Teamwork’

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Went to PubQuiz last night with our newly reformulated team, which is starting to look very similar to our old team, now that people are returning from holiday. We were doing well. We had gotten 8 of 10 questions right in each of the first two rounds, 7 in the third round, and were nearing the end of the fourth and final round. Often, the winning scores are in the low 30s, so four scores of 8 will generally get you the top spot (with a random chance to win the rolling jackpot). And then the question.

“Rosie O’Donnell and Donald Trump are on the outs. What is the name of the Miss USA who caused this strife.”

Immediately, the rest of the team turned to me to answer.

You see, a few weeks ago, when the saga had been in the news (only four days of constant coverage. A disturbingly short news cycle for such momentous story: Miss USA and Miss Teen USA, roommates, caught drinking, doing drugs, and making out), I had researched both ladies (for lack of a better term) in anticipation of their appearance in a pubquiz question. I had even come up with a mnemonic device to help remember their names. Credit for correctly answering the inevitable question that week goes to James, though, who called a cell phone audible between rounds (perfectly within the rules) to find out that Miss USA was the representative from Kentucky.

“Ok, it’s… something, and The Exorcist. Fuck!”

I remembered only one of the movie clues to my mnemonic, and it was the wrong one.

“It’s ‘Blair’. Miss Teen USA’s name is ‘Blair’, not Linda, but something ‘Blair’. But I don’t remember the other movie. Damnit!”

“It was a character’s name,” remembered Arthur. “It was a character from one movie and the actress from the other.”

“Right. Right.” I confirmed.

We fell silent for a moment. Well, the rest of them fell silent. I continued to swear. And then, for the clutch play that defines his role on the team, Matt quietly said “Was it Terminator?”

“Yes!” I said in as quiet a shout as I could manage. “Conner!”

“Tara Conner,” finished another voice.

And we wrote it down, thus securing ourselves a perfect 10 points in the final round, winning a free round of drinks and the choice of topics for next week’s round 3. We ended up finishing with 33 points, just 1 point shy of first place.

Fucking Loggers.