January 30, 2007

Voting at the Kids Table

Posted in Uncategorized at 11:59 am by Ian

I’ve always liked that Washington, DC’s license plates read “Taxation without Representation.” Now we could add a similar motto to the vehicles of Guam, Puerto Rico, American Samoa, and the Virigin Islands: “Representation without Taxation”. Except not really.

if the five delegates’ votes change the outcome of a vote, the “committee of the whole” would stop and the regular 435-member House would vote again without the delegates.


Finally, a plan to make the representatives of those (surprisingly often Democrat-controlled–probably just a coincidence) territories and districts votes count, except of course when they would actually count, in which case they won’t. This is done because the Constitution is rather particular about who qualifies as a representative, but is silent on the qualifications for a pretend representative.


  1. Philip said,

    I wonder to what extent those responsible for that rule made it out of corruption, or incompetence. It doesn’t seem too far fetched that someone could miss what that really means about those votes. In general, I’m not sure which quality I would prefer in those running this country, corruption or incompetence…

  2. Mama said,

    You never did like the children’s table. It is separate but not at all equal.It’s just a place to sidetrack a person into an out of the way (out of sight out of mind so to speak) location so the real people can make the decisions and talk the important/amusing/edifying talk. The adult table is the one at which to sit if you want to be included in life.
    Love ya

  3. Ian said,


    It’s totally a political thing. On something that’s already going to win (for the Democrats), those extra votes are going to make it look like there’s a stronger concensus.

    Personally, I think that those territories shouldn’t even have a voice in the House. If they want to be states, then let ’em in, start taxing them, and give them reps. If not, well, they’ve got a pretty sweet deal already.

    DC is a tricky situation. I think it ought to get some say in its own government, but it’s not likely to ever get a representative for political reasons.

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