April 24, 2007

Yet Another Reason Daylight Saving Time is Bad for America

Posted in Uncategorized at 1:55 pm by Ian

I’ve pointed out where people seem to be unclear on the concept of what Daylight Saving time actually does, but this takes the cake.

Canute had nothing on the liberal global warming conspiracy.

Edited to fix the image link.



  1. Matt said,

    It appears you have a little gold frog, which, kept awake due to confusion about daylight savings time, is still awake to warn us about how daylight savings time also causes excessive bandwidth usage.

  2. Ian said,

    I found the image elsewhere and changed the link. Try again.

  3. Dad said,

    So, if we just put our clocks ahead another 11 hours, it will be light ALL NIGHT LONG. Crime will drop to nothing. We can use all the money we save by not having all those policemen and prisons and stuff to end world hunger.

    Hey, and we won’t need streetlights either!

  4. Ian said,

    That’s so shortsighted, though.

    All the crops would fail in constant light. And the utility companies! Won’t you think of the utility companies?

  5. Chris said,

    Because it’s hard to tell when people are being sarcastic in text: http://www.snopes.com/humor/letters/daylight.asp

  6. Ian said,

    Well, that is both reassuring and disappointing.

    Good show, Mr. Meskimen.

  7. Dad said,

    Utililty companies? Are you kidding? Solar power 24-7. No Shipstones required.

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