July 6, 2007

The Obligatory iPhone Post

Posted in Uncategorized at 9:59 am by Ian

Apparently, if you don’t make a blog post about this thing, they kick you off the internet.

I saw one the other day. In line for Transformers (which was awesome, by the way. Two days later, I’m still singing the cartoon theme song in my head and going ‘weeer-weeer-weer-wer-wer-wer-wer’ when I stand up from my desk). The guy ahead of us in line had one, and pulled it out of his pocket about twelve times to check nothing in particular, which he did in an incredibly cool swooshy fashion, holding it away from his body so that even people several feet away in the line could see that he was more than just an ordinary phone-user. At one point, I think he may have held it over his head “to stop the glare”, but I may be misremembering.

Anyway, it’s pretty slick. I, personally, can’t wait for a few years from now, when the random phone I get for free for signing my contract has all that crap, too. Because there’s no way I’m going to pay $500+ for a phone when they give me one for free every year.


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