July 9, 2007

Sprint SERO – A Cellphone for $30/mo

Posted in Uncategorized at 4:05 pm by Ian

I found a post on the Sprint SERO plan on MyMoneyBlog.com, which describes how to get a really nice plan from Sprint for $30/mo.


  • 500 Anytime minutes
  • Unlimited Nights (starting at 7pm) and Weekends
  • Unlimited Web/Data
  • No activation fee. Free shipping.


  • 2 year contract. It’s harder and harder to get a plan at all without this
  • The free phone sucks. But there are several decent ones for $30.

If you search MyMoneyBlog.com, there are several other posts about the SERO plan, including a way (maybe) to get free unlimited text messages. I haven’t got my phone yet, but as long as they don’t suck much more than cell phone companies always do, this should save me about $100 a year.

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  1. Matt said,

    I noticed this as I was looking into getting a new cell phone service, but I decided against it. It’s a good deal, but I spend a good deal of time in Canada going to lindy exchanges and such. Sprint phones don’t work at all in Canada. I don’t really need to make a bunch of calls there, but I’d want to be able to call AAA (or rather, the CAA) or 911 in case of an emergency or something. Traveling alone, I wanted to have a safety net. Instead, my family got a family plan from T-Mobile. It costs me about the same, although I don’t get the data plan. Since I have a Blackberry Pearl, that would be a nice addition, but it wasn’t a deal breaker for me.

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