August 14, 2007

A Post Filled With Squiggly Red Underlines

Posted in Uncategorized at 5:56 pm by Ian

“Sucralose is supposed to be, like, thousands of times as sweet as sugar, but what does that even mean? I know what it would taste like to eat 10 cups of sugar, but I’m having trouble envisioning that amount of sweet in a tablespoon. Would your salivary glands just explode, or what?”

“Maybe you’d go sweetblind.”

“Yeah, I think you would go temporarily sweetblind.”

“Ok, first of all, you guys both just made up the word ‘sweetblind’, and second—”

“I made it up, he just confirmed it.”

“—second, you have no idea what you’re—”

“Toothpaste makes you sweetblind, temporarily.”

“It’s not—”

“Hey, it’s a word, now. Get over it.”

But, seriously: Anyone know where you can buy pure sucralose? And what happens if you eat it?



  1. AB said,

    The red pill is pure sucralose. It opens your third eye.

    I know a guy who can hook you up:

    It’s even negative for E Coli and Salmonella.

  2. dancermama said,

    I like it…sweetblind is sort of like icecream headache. Although I have never expereinced the icecream headache thing because if I had it would have saved me years of untold craving I think. Sweet is definitely relative and subjective. Now that I don’t eat any sugar or sweeteners at all I find many foods which I previously thought of/subjectively sensed as being salty or sour or pungent or tart as sweet as well as the other predominant taste. You taste with your brain, ultimately. It is the unifying field of sense.

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