August 15, 2007

But Surely You’re Interested in Mine…

Posted in Uncategorized at 2:57 pm by Ian

I’m subscribed to the fire department email list to receive updates about the Zaca fire, and this morning, it apparently got kind of screwed up and lost its moderation. One email accidentally went out, a few others explained the problem, someone complained about an accidental email with the title “FIRE WARNING”, and most of us just ignored it and assumed it would be fixed. One woman decided to send this gem in response:

Very strange, I didn’t understand that and am going to unsubscribe. I am not interested in other peoples opinions…..

I’m becoming more and more in favor of some kind of automatic warning on an email client when you send to a list.

Warning: You are about to send an email to a list with thousands of people subscribed. If we assume it takes each of them 5 seconds to read and ignore it, you could easily be wasting several man-hours of time with a single click. Are you absolutely sure that your email is worth that consideration?


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