October 31, 2007

NaNoWriMo 2

Posted in Uncategorized at 11:16 pm by Ian

I’m about to start my second novel.

If last year is any indication, this blog will see more posts in the next month than it has most of the past year, my social life will suffer, and my room will be as clean as it has ever been.

I expect to have a slightly tougher time this year, both because I’m trying to write with a different (read “better”) structure, in a genre I’m not as familiar with, and because my current plan doesn’t quite as easily lend itself to the car chases and mysterious gunmen that helped my last attempt be so verbose.

But, if all else fails, come Nov. 28, I expect my Small-Town America™ characters to devolve into a 20K word maelstrom of secret plots and fisticuffs. Including the cat.



  1. Liza said,

    Awesome! Are you going to have a character named after me?

  2. Kyle said,

    NaNo seems to be pwning you. Unless you just don’t like updating your word count. = P

  3. Ian said,

    It sure is.

    Actually, I decided to stop a few days ago. I did get further than my word count indicates, but not a whole lot further.

    I still have some ideas, but it turned out not to be the best time for it right now.

  4. Ian said,

    I mean: “I’m striking in solidarity with the WGA”

    Shit! How did I not think of that. I really must be losing my touch.

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