February 14, 2008

Anyone Want To Be My Landlord?

Posted in Uncategorized at 6:06 pm by Ian

‘Cause our house is for sale.

For that, you’ll receive not just our house, but another excellent house. In fact, that other house is so nice that you should just kick those tenants out (sorry Damien and Guylene) and let us continue to live where we are.

Only $1.3 million.



  1. Daniel said,

    Damn! I’m only $1.3M short!

  2. Pat said,

    Think of it this way. If I spent my car payment on this instead, I could buy a whole 2.4 square feet a month. By the time I’m done with grad school, I might might even own a substantial portion of the front yard. We could have a barbeque or something.

  3. Ian said,

    That’s a cool idea, but I think that any real estate installment plan should start with the bathroom. A sleeping bag and a hotplate, and you’ve got everything you need to live!

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